Sauna Zen 2 Places


Traditional steam sauna
for 2 to 4 persons

The Zen steam sauna range provides all the benefits of the traditional Finnish sauna. Made from Canada spruce of certified origin, they have the simple yet elegant look of traditional saunas.
Each Zen steam sauna has its Harvia Vega stove (single or three phase depending on the model) guaranteed for 2 years, and 20kg of lava stones to ensure a rapid and effective rise in temperature
The system of snap-on panels makes Zen sauna cabins very easy to assemble.

  • 5 versions available
  • Natural spruce from Canada
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Stove included
Garantie 2 ans électronique
Garantie 4 ans électronique


Poêle Harvia

Harvia stove inlus

High quality and with lava stones (20 kg).

Seau et louche

Traditional wooden bucket and ladle

Pour water on the lava stones to generate steam.

Poste audio

Thermometer and traditional hourglass

Indicating the operating temperature of the sauna and allowing you to control the time of your session.

Luminaire tamisée

Screened luminaire

Offering a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.


Bois de cèdre rouge du canada

Spruce from Canada

Canada spruce is one of the most valued and valuable species of wood in the world. Its durable beauty and its straight wood offer you an extraordinary resistance to bad weather. The spruce grows slowly. After several decades, the wood becomes very dense, very robust, and contains very little resin.


Sauna Zen 2 place

Zen 2

Sauna Zen 3 places

Zen 3

Sauna Zen 2/3 places

Zen 3C

Sauna Zen 4 places

Zen 4

Sauna Zen 5 places

Zen 5

  2 Place 3 Places 3/4 Places 4 Places 5 Places
Model Zen 2 Zen 3 Zen 3C Zen 4 Zen 5
Capacity 2 persons 3 persons 3 to 4 persons 4 persons 5 persons
Electric stove Harvia
Power supply 3500 W 3500 W 4500 W 6000 W 8000 W
Power supply Mono 230V Mono 230V 1N or Tri 230V 3N / 400V 3N
Operating temp. 60 to 90°C
Frame 100% Canadian spruce
Door 8mm thick safety glass
Handle Wood
Hauteur 190 cm
Height 190 cm 190 cm 200 cm 200 cm 200 cm
Width 120 cm 153 cm 150 cm 174 cm 200 cm
Depth 110 cm 110 cm 150 cm 198 cm 208 cm
Seat depth 50 cm 50 cm 43 cm 50 cm 50 cm
Wall thickness 4.5 cm
Weight 126 kg 186 kg 150 kg 232 kg 243 kg
Warranty Electronics 2 years / Woodwork 4 years

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