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Total escape in this panoramic sauna

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An invitation to escape in this sauna and its glazed surface

Reflecting France Sauna expertise, the Sense combines all the ingredients that contribute to let go and free the mind and relax the body.

This traditional sauna in Canadian spruce wood is a real invitation to settle down comfortably, back rested or lounged, and enjoy a moment of complete serenity. Classic lights on the upper corners of the cabin and under the bench create a relaxing atmsophere, while the large glazed surface inspires a feeling of openness to the outside.

The electric stove supplied with the Sense provides an enveloping heat favorable to relaxation and the release of tensions. Add water to the lava rocks on the stove using the wooden ladle supplied with the sauna kit and fully enjoy your well-being session to be renewed as desired.


  • + Large glazed panoramic surface
  • + Solid Canadian spruce wood
  • + Two-tier bench
  • + Upper corner light and beneath the bench
  • + Stove and stones included
  • + Traditional sauna kit included
Warranty 7 years wood
Warranty 2 years electronics

steam technology

The steam sauna brings us back to the well-being traditions most deeply rooted in the Nordic countries.

It actually procures dry heat, the term "steam" referring to the actual steam created when water is added to the hot stones on the stove. This increases rapidly to generally reach 80 °C. The body warmed up releases all the tensions of the day and relaxes almost instantly.

Poêle Harvia

canadian spruce

Who says high-end sauna, says carefully selected wood types. In France Sauna's cabins, the essence of spruce combines its elegance with properties that multiply the benefits and pleasures of your sessions, year after year.

The spruce wood that we use for the manufacture of our sauna cabins comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to its rare elegance, this very aromatic essence is sure to awaken your sense of smell.

Spruce wood exhibits a natural beauty and softness that combine with its ability to resist temperature variations, as well as unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Seau et louche

large panoramic glazed façade

As a real progress in the architecture of the home sauna, the wooden structure of the Sense stands on three walls to make way for a fully glazed facade offering a panoramic view, real opening onto the environment.

Designed in tempered glass to withstand the heat of the steam sauna, this glass front brings a contemporary touch to the traditional style of the solid spruce cabin.

Poste audio

Two-tier with light beneath the bench

With the two-tier bench choose the temperature for each of your sessions. The lower bench to begin and then the higher bench for deeper sweating.

The Sense is equipped with soft lighting in the upper corners of the cabin and beneath the bench creating a pleasant relaxed atmosphere.

Luminaire tamisée
Sauna Sense 3 places

Sense 3

Sauna Sense 4 places

Sense 4

Modele Sense 3 Sense 4
Capacity 3 persons 4 persons
Floor dimensions 153 x 110 cm 150 x 150 cm
Overall dimensions 153 x 110 x 190 cm 150 x 150 x 200 cm
Electric stove Harvia
Stove capacity 3.5 kW 4.5 kW
Equipment Soft lighting, lighting under bench
Bench, headrest on walls
Harvia electric stove
Accessories Sauna kit: wooden ladle and bucket, thermometer, hygrometer and traditional hourglass
Optional: Spruce wood backrest and headrest
Power 230V - 50Hz
Structure 100% Canadian Spruce wood
Door 8 mm thick safety glass
Weight 167kg 235kg
Warranty Electronics 2 years / Wood 7 years
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