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My sauna, my bubble

spruce wood
1 person

A relaxing break for myself

Approach life from a new angle and create a bubble all to yourself where you can release tension, breathe and refocus.

The Saulo accompanies you in your approach. A solo sauna, which you can place in a small space and create a complete relaxation area: a bathroom, a room for your exercise bike or even next to the spa you had installed last year.

This infrared sauna gives you all the benefits of a professional sauna in a compact cabin designed for your personal use. An ergonomic backrest invites you to sit comfortably and enjoy the full benefit of quartz rays over the entire back in a space cradled in comforting heat from carbon panels.

Your relaxation is completed with a full mind release by playing music of your choice inside the sauna and enjoying a comfortable read.


  • + Easy assembly
  • + Quartz emitters
  • + Lateral carbon panels
  • + Canadian Spruce
  • + Audio stereo radio / MP3
  • + Lighting for reading
  • + Digital-display control panel
7-year guarantee Woodwork
2-year guarantee for electronics

Optimized compact design

The compact design of the Saulo comes with many advantages.

This home sauna can be installed quickly and easily in the smallest of spaces. Use it to optimise your living space and create a comfortable wellness area.

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Easy to install

The compactness of the Saulo has many advantages, including ease of assembly.

This infrared sauna can be assembled in 30 minutes. However, we recommend that you ask a friend or neighbour to help you. They will have to hold the side panels while you attach them.

Audio station

Quartz emitters

Our skin receptors respond naturally to the therapeutic effects of infrared radiation, which can be divided into three types - IR-A, IR-B and IR-C - some of which promote sweating and others which release their heat deeper into the muscles and joints.

Quartz emits over the entire infrared spectrum, with a majority of IR-A and B waves. As short waves, these act at the very heart of the musculo-articular system offering deep relief for the whole body for intense relaxation sessions.

Heat in an infrared sauna is lower than in a steam sauna; it varies between 40°C and 60°C.

Audio station

ergonomic backrest

The Saulo's bench seat has a slightly sloping backrest that calls for total relaxation. With your head resting and your back supported, you can lose yourself in your thoughts. A moment of well-being where all tensions, both mental and physical, are released.

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Canadian spruce

The spruce that we use for the manufacture of our sauna cabins comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to its rare elegance this very aromatic essence is sure to awaken your sense of smell.

Spruce has a natural beauty and softness to it that combine with a high resistance capacity to temperature variations, as well as unique antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Audio station
Model Saulo
Capacity 1 person
Floor dimensions 90 x 90 cm
Overall dimensions 90 x 90 x 190 cm
Quartz emitters 2 emitters - Back and calves
Carbon emitters 2 lateral emitters
Total power 1400 W
Temperature 18 to 60°C
Accessories Digital control panel: temperature/audio/lighting
MP3/FM audio
Power supply 230 V - 50 Hz
Structure Spruce wood
Door 8 mm thick safety glass
Weight 125 kg
Warranty Electronics 2 years/ Wood 7 years
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