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Apollon Quartz

A wave of warmth carries you away

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Create your own wellness space at home with the Apollon infrared sauna.

France Sauna's flagship product, the Apollon demands for design and equipment which quality meets the expectations of any person wishing to create a wellness bubble at home.

At the heart of the Apollon's quality, Full Spectrum Quartz infrared emitters and their numerous advantages: an almost instantaneous warm cabin and wide wavelengths acting both in depth and on the surface of the skin.

Infrared panels are arranged to optimise the benefits of the Quartz and they are now each equipped with an ON/OFF switch for a more optimised and targeted diffusion. There is no need to turn on the panels if a space is not occupied, meaning more energy savings for you. A carbon panel on the floor provides an enveloping warmth to the whole cabin.

The Apollon's solid spruce design is enhanced by exterior lighting. A sauna with large windows opens up to you. Inside, essential but discreet equipment makes of this moment of relaxation a complete experience, with purification of the cabin by ionisation, sound and background music, as well as 7-colour LED lighting for chromotherapy. Each session becomes a moment of pure pleasure.

The Apollon remains a safe choice as a quality infrared sauna that remains affordable for the user.


  • + Quartz emitters
  • + Solid Canadian spruce wood
  • + Ionizer
  • + LED chromotherapy
  • + Audio stereo radio / MP3
  • + Digital control pannel
7 years warranty on wood
2 years warranty on electronics

Customized quartz emitters

Each of the Quartz emitters in the Apollon sauna is equipped with an ON/OFF button. Enjoy a cabin in which you can personalise your moment of well-being by switching on only the panels necessary for your relaxation. A carbon panel on the floor provides a unified heat throughout the sauna

Our skin receptors react naturally to the therapeutic effects of infrared radiation, which is divided into three types - IR-A, IR-B and IR-C - some of which promote sweating and others which release their heat deeper into the muscles and joints.

Quartz emits over the entire infrared spectrum and acts at the very heart of the musculo-articular system for deep relief of the whole body.

Heat in an infrared sauna is not as high as in a steam cabin; it usually ranges between 40 and 60°C.

Poêle Harvia

Cabin purification with ionizer

The Apollon is equipped with an ionizer. As lungs of the sauna cabin, it disinfects and sterilises the air particles and the cabin walls with ozone.

You can enjoy a clean and healthy environment at all times.

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Latest generation digital control panel

The Apollon sauna is equipped with a digital panel from which you have full control over your relaxation session.

Program your session in advance. Select your favourite music. Play with colours and enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy. The waves of red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet act differently on the body through the skin, which is particularly sensitive to light energy, and have a positive influence on your state of well-being.

Your sauna becomes a real welcoming space as soon as you open the door.

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Canadian Spruce

Who says high-end sauna, says carefully selected wood types. In France Sauna's cabins, the essence of spruce combines its elegance with properties that multiply the benefits and pleasures of your sessions, year after year.

The spruce wood that we use for the manufacture of our sauna cabins comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to its rare elegance, this very aromatic essence is sure to awaken your sense of smell.

Spruce wood exhibits a natural beauty and softness that combine with its ability to resist temperature variations, as well as unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Seau et louche

7-colours LED chromotherapy

LED lighting inside the cabin and its prism of seven colors inspired by the codes of chromotherapy offer you a complete body-mind relaxation session.

The waves specific to the colors red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet act differently on the organism through the skin, which is particularly sensitive to light energies and positively influence your state of well-being.

chromotherapie led 7 couleurs
Apollon 2 places

Apollon 2

Apollon 2 a 3 places

Apollon 2C

Apollon 3 places

Apollon 3

Apollon 3 à 4 places

Apollon 3C

Model Apollon 2 Apollon 2C Apollon 3 Apollon 3C
Capacity 2 persons 2/3 persons 3 persons 3/4 persons
Floor dimensions 120 x 105 cm 120 x 120 cm 153 x 110 cm 150 x 150 cm
Overall dimensions 120 x 123 x 190 cm 120 x 120 x 190 cm 153 x 128 x 190 cm 150 x 150 x 190 cm
Quartz Emitters 5 emitters - 1700 W 6 emitters - 2200 W 6 emitters - 2600 W 8 emitters - 3000 W
Carbon emitters 1 emitters - 180 W 3 emitters - 480 W 1 emitters - 225 W 1 emitters - 180 W
Temperature 18 to 60°C
Accessories Bench and headrest in spruce wood. Seating depth: 45 cm.
Latest generation digital panel: programming/audio/lighting.
Audio MP3/FM.
Power Supply 230V - 50Hz
Structure 100% Canadian spruce wood
Door Secured 8 mm thick glass
Weight 164 kg 178 kg 192 kg 222 kg
Warranty Electronics 2 years / Wood 7 years
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