Sauna Luxe 2 Places


Infrared carbon sauna
for 2 to 5 persons

The Luxe sauna range has been designed in Canada red cedar, a species of wood that is both durable and precious; it gives your sauna a natural woody fragrance. This high-grade wood is also extremely hard-wearing over time and will keep your sauna looking attractive year after year.
This range is equipped with 100% carbon panels that diffuse longwave IR rays. The infrared panels have been positioned for optimum effect on the walls, round the benches and on the floor so as to spread a gentle, pleasant heat even under the arches of the feet and behind the calves.

  • 6 versions available
  • Red Cedar from Canada
  • Smart digital sign
  • Audio MP3 / FM
Garantie 2 ans électronique
Garantie 4 ans électronique


Panneau de carbone

Carbon Infrared Emitters

The 100% carbon infrared emitters distribute their heat evenly throughout the cabin. Their long C-type waves provide a warm, enveloping sensation of warmth, speeding sweating.

Panneau de contrôle

Digital control panel

Program the duration and temperature of your session without leaving your sauna.

Poste audio

Audio Installation

Relax in music


Light Therapy

Enjoy the benefits of colors: serenity and peace.


Bois de cèdre rouge du canada

Red cedar

Canada's Red Cedar is one of the world's most cherished and valuable wood species. Its durable beauty and its straight wood offer you an extraordinary resistance to bad weather. Cedar grows slowly. After several decades, the wood becomes very dense, very robust, and contains very little resin.


Sauna Luxe 1 place

Luxe 1

Sauna Luxe 2 places

Luxe 2

Sauna Luxe 2/3 places

Luxe 2C

Sauna Luxe 3 places

Luxe 3

Sauna Luxe 3C places

Luxe 3C

Sauna Luxe 5/6 places

Luxe Family

  1 Place 2 Places 2/3 Places 3 Places 3/4 Places Family
Model Luxe 1 Luxe 2 Luxe 2C Luxe 3 Luxe 3C Luxe Family
Capacity 1 person 2 persons 2 to 3 persons 3 persons 3 to 4 persons 4 to 5 persons
Power 1415 W 1920 W 1980 W 2190 W 2360 W 3000 W
Power supply 220 V
Emitters* 6 8 9 9 12 11
Type of emitters Carbon fibre IR emitter
Wave type Type C longwave
Operating temp. 18 to 60 °C
Frame 100% Canadian Red Cedar
Door 8mm thick safety glass
Handle Metallic lacquered wood finish
Height 190 cm
Width at base 89 cm 120 cm 120 cm 153 cm 150 cm 185 cm
Width at base 94 cm 105 cm 120 cm 110 cm 150 cm 185 cm
Overall width
(including cornerpiece)
89 cm 120 cm 134 cm 153 cm 164 cm 199 cm
Overall width
(including cornerpiece)
108 cm 119 cm 134 cm 124 cm 164 cm 199 cm
Seat depth 45 cm
Wall thickness 5 cm
Weight 98 kg 120 kg 120 kg 150 kg 150 kg 200 kg
Warranty Electronics 2 years / Woodwork 4 years

* The number of IR emitters is given as a guide and may vary according to the model. The number of IR emitters DOES NOT CHANGE the cabin’s heating capacity.

*All content (texts, images, descriptions, technical data) is non-contractual and therefore subject to change without notice.