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What are the differences between an infrared sauna and a steam sauna?

The purchase of a sauna will allow you to benefit from many benefits that will be very different depending on whether you choose a steam sauna or an infrared cabin. It was therefore important to know the differences between these two models: the heat emitted, the heating power, the sensations experienced ...

What are the differences between an infrared sauna and a steam sauna?


The infrared sauna

The infrared sauna heats your body directly using infrared panels arranged evenly throughout the cabin.

Our saunas are equipped with infrared panels entirely made of carbon for a longer service life and a wider distribution of heat compared to ceramic panels.


The infrared sauna has the particularity of emitting a completely dry heat that penetrates deep into the skin. This heat, much softer than a steam sauna, allows users to stay longer in the cabin to increase the benefits and continue an activity such as reading during the session.


IlIt has the advantage of having a very short heating time, about 15 minutes, and less power consumption than a steam sauna, 1200 to 3000 W depending on the model.



Traditional steam sauna

The traditional steam sauna uses an electric stove with lava stones on which you can pour water and generate steam at your leisure. The steam sauna is designed to heat the air in your cabin, which in turn will warm your body and sweat.

It diffuses a heat higher in temperature and much more loaded in moisture than an infrared sauna. It is therefore advisable to take a break of a few minutes during your session to hydrate you.


All our steam saunas are heated by a Harvia Vega electric stove high performance of 3500, 4500, 6000 or 8000 W according to the capacity of the sauna.



Choose your sauna

The heat generated in the two models of saunas being radically different, it's up to you to choose which sensation you want to find:

- If you want to immerse yourself in a steam bath at 80 ° C, then the traditional steam sauna is for you.

- If you do not perceive steam and extreme temperatures as oppressive, choose the infrared sauna.

In both cases it is better to test both cabins to discover your preferences.

Here is a comparison chart to summarize the differences between the two sauna models:

  Traditional steam sauna Infrared Sauna
Système de chauffage Harvia electric stove and its lava stones Infrared panels in carbon
Technique used Hot steam that heats the cabin air to warm your body and cause perspiration Infrared radiation that penetrates directly and deeply into your skin to cause perspiration
Heat type Wet Dried
Operating temperature 60 to 85°C 18 to; 60°C
Heating time 30 to 45 minutes About 15 minutes
Duration of a session 15 to 30 minutes (cut off from a 5-minute break) 30 to 45 minutes
Power and Power Consumption 3500W to 8000W 1200W to 3000W

Which types of wood are used for making saunas?

The materials used to design the sauna cabin must be of excellent quality to ensure perfect insulation of the sauna. The wood species selected for our saunas are very slow growing woods that come exclusively from Canada and benefit from the Canadian Forest Stewardship Council charter for sustainable forest management.

Here are the different species used according to the sauna ranges:

Canadian red cedar

Red Cedar from Canada's West Coast is one of the world's most cherished and valuable wood species. Its durable beauty and straight wood also offers us an extraordinary resistance to bad weather. Red cedar grows slowly. After several decades, one obtains a very dense wood, very robust, containing only little resin. The wood is taken from the heart of the tree and dried in the open air. It is more reflective of infrared rays and more resistant to temperature changes.

Spruce Canada

Spruce is a lustrous white wood of high quality. Delicately and naturally perfumed, it adapts easily to the interior thanks to its light color.

Reliability and quality of saunas France Sauna

Where does the wood used come from?


The massive wood we use comes directly from Canada and complies with the Canadian Forest Stewardship Council charter for sustainable forest management.


How are saunas packaged?

We pack our saunas with a double corrugated cardboard and internal polystyrene separations between the elements.

The different panels and elements are divided into 2 or 3 lots depending on the model, for maximum protection.



What does the France Sauna warranty cover?

All the elements composing the saunas France Sauna are guaranteed 2 years.

The effective date of the warranty is theshipping date (corresponding to the date of issue of the invoice).

Be aware though that this warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • 1. Malfunction or damage resulting from installation, use or repair not in accordance with safety instructions.
  • 2. Malfunction or damage resulting from unsuitable conditions for the intended use of the device.
  • 3. Damage resulting from negligence, accident or force majeure (storm and bad weather).
  • 4. Malfunction or damage resulting from the use of unauthorized accessories.



What are the labels of France Sauna?

All the elements of our infrared saunas, both the electronic part and the internal and external woodwork, were designed in accordance with extremely rigorous specifications in order to meet the most stringent European and global standards.

For this, we carry out quality controls on all our products. The proper functioning of the cabin and its equipment are our priority. Before arriving home, each cabin is fully assembled by hand to check, inside and outside, the perfect condition of its wood, the quality of the equipment and the operation of the cabin. The maximum temperature is controlled over a period of 60 minutes.


Sauna France Sauna Features

What is the power and consumption of a sauna France Sauna?

The power and consumption of a sauna vary from one model to another.

Infrared saunas have a power ranging from 1200W, for a sauna a classic place, to 3000W for a family model. Steam saunas are more energy-intensive with a power ranging from 3500W, for a 2-seater sauna, to 8000W for a family sauna.


What is the heating time for saunas France-Sauna?

The heating time of a sauna is different depending on whether it is an infrared sauna or a steam sauna.

An infrared sauna has a heating time of 15 to 20 minutes.

For a steam sauna, you need to activate the electric stove 30 minutes before starting your session.


What is the maximum operating temperature of the sauna?

The operating temperature is very different between an infrared sauna and a steam sauna.

The operating temperature of an infrared sauna ranges from 18 to 60 ° C while the temperature of a steam sauna varies from 60 to 85 ° C.


What kind of waves do the France-Sauna infrared saunas emit?

More and more objects are using infrared technology, including our saunas.

The benefits are many: faster, more economical and more efficient.


Infrared is harmless and is a wave that has a lower frequency than red light. They are not visible to the naked eye. The CARBONE diffuser is the most advanced and successful technology in the field of infrared radiation.

It produces long type C infrared that offer optimum efficiency with a wider and more homogenous heat distribution, a very short heating time and this, throughout the life of your cabin France-Sauna.


During your session, the body temperature increases and the air remains dry and bearable, an ideal alternative if you can not stand the heat.




Where to buy a Sauna France Sauna?

Où acheter un Sauna France Sauna ?

Consult the list of approved France Sauna dealers.

To find an authorized France Sauna dealer near you, please Consulter la liste des revendeurs France Sauna



Reception, Installation and Maintenance of the sauna

What to do when receiving the package?

When receiving your sauna, we strongly encourage you to check the condition of all the goods, namely the packaging and the product. Do not hesitate to open the package in front of the carrier to make your report in his presence.

If you notice that the product has been damaged during transport, refuse it because without it, no reservation will be admissible after the departure of the carrier.
In addition, be aware that the mention "Subject to unpacking" has no legal value.



What space should be provided for the installation of the sauna?

We offer different ranges of sauna of any size that can be integrated into any type of interior, from the smallest to the most spacious. We have designed for you basic square, rectangular and even angular structures to allow you to better develop your well-being space.

If you wish to install your sauna in a small space, you can opt for an angular model of 120cm by 87cm or for a basic model square of 90cm by 90cm according to the arrangement of your room.

If on the contrary you have a very spacious space that can accommodate a large volume, opt instead for a 5-seater base model rectangular 220cm by 160cm.

Our cabins offer different capacities from 1 to 5 people to allow you to enjoy your session sitting or semi-recumbent. Also enjoy your multi-lap sauna in our 5-seater and 4/5-seater Club models.




How is the assembly of a sauna sauna France-Sauna?

Our saunas are mounted in prefabricated panels. Light, everyone can ride a sauna France-Sauna.

Thanks to the loopback system no tools are needed. Its assembly is done in 20 minutes.

2 people are enough for the assembly.



How to connect a sauna France-Sauna? Three-phase or single-phase?

The electrical connection of our saunas is very easy.

For the connection of an infrared sauna: when mounting the sauna, simply fit the plugs in the roof to power the infrared panels. Then plug the sauna's electrical outlet into a wall outlet and turn on your sauna

For the connection of the steam sauna: to correctly connect the electrical connection of your Harvia stove, please consult the Harvia manual..



Is it possible to reverse the opening of the door?

If the opening direction of a sauna door is not suitable for the layout of your room, it is possible to change the direction by opening the door and cutting the rod in the proper way to place it on the other side of the panel. However you must have some DIY concepts to perform this maneuver without damaging the woodwork of the sauna.



How to maintain the sauna?


To maintain the beauty of your sauna, it is advisable to apply a linseed oil on the inside and outside of the cabin as a precaution to waterproof the woodwork.


To clean the interior of your sauna after several uses, you must use a lint-free cloth soaked in linseed oil to place it on the benches, backs and floor of the sauna.


If the floor or bench of your sauna is marked by indelible marks, sand it lightly with sandpaper.




Can everyone use a sauna?

Although the heat bath offers many benefits, it is not recommended for some people to practice it.

Do not use the sauna under the following conditions:

1. In case of open wounds

2. In case of eye diseases

3. In case of severe sunburn

4. the sauna is not recommended for elderly and disabled people, especially sick people, as well as pregnant women and young children. Children over 6 years old can use the sauna under the supervision of adults.

5. For temperature-related ailments, consult your doctor before use.

6. Do not bring pets in the sauna.

7. Do not use under the influence of alcohol.

8. Do not use the sauna after a big effort. Wait 30 minutes for the body to calm down.

9. For any cardiac problem, consult a doctor.


Asthmatics can instead use the sauna daily.


How often should the stones of the electric stove of a steam sauna be changed?

The frequency of replacement of our lava stones depends on the frequency of use of the electric stove. If used on average twice a week, the stones should be changed about once a year.

For long-term use, we advise you to put the stones in place regularly because they tend to crumble over uses, making the area more compact and impeding the free flow of air.

Good air circulation ensures proper operation of the stove and durability of the heating elements due to lower temperatures on the surface.